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We are super grateful for the cool weather! Our airconditioner has been out for several days now (as well as parts of our stove and our kitchen light shade) so the rain has been keeping it liveable in the hobbithole. … Continue reading

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Stuff Antonia Says

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I think too that the act of recognizing joy as difficult is an important step (battles are not easy). I used to struggle a lot with people’s perception of my best friend- “She’s just happy all the time”- because so often they equated that with being oblivious. The connection seemed to be that people who are perpetually joyful must be dumb because only dumb people could be so unaware of all of the hardships and hurts of life. She’s taught me so much about the difference between being aware of real life troubles and stopping there to mope versus the power of being cognizant of reality but stepping out with joy nonetheless. I find that a huge part of the victory comes for me when I force myself to be externally aware of goodness. I had a rule once (which now remembering I need to put back into effect) that the first part of any conversation should be about something positive that happened today. It kept me looking for examples of goodness and disciplined my tongue from being indulgent about badness in life. When I start to focus on a steady diet of the grace that I have been given suddenly the emotional rush of expressing “they did me wrong” doesn’t have the same kick.

In a weird way, thinking of children’s books, Pollyanna is an amazing example of this. Not the first book necessarily (though it does have power) but the second one in which she struggles with the idea that life really isn’t fair and that sometimes finding something to be “glad” about is difficult to do without being insincere or irrelevant.

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Days of Grace

I’ve made a couple of posts about nasty customers and the horrid dinginess they leave behind them so I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate a great one! (And several good ones!) I’ve had a rough two weeks healthwise … Continue reading

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