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Drugs Can Make You Omnipotent: A Review of Lucy

Spoiler Alert: It is my intention to convince anybody reading this blog that seeing the movie Lucy is a bad idea. To this end, I will not refrain at any point from exposing major plot points. Last night, as I … Continue reading

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Your Post-World Cup Reading List

The glow of the World Cup is fading now. New soccer fans must brave the dead of summer. MLS is fine, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a major city (or Ann Arbor), then you may have an … Continue reading

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Germany vs. Argentina, 7/13

The Germans were better. How many teams have had to admit that over the years? During the match, as I came to terms with the fact that Messi’s legs really were gone, I couldn’t help but miss Spain. La Roja … Continue reading

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Brazil v. Germany, 7/8

No doubt now that it happened. 7-1. A beatdown for the ages. There will be some, surely, who will use this loss to decare the death of something, be it “beautiful football” or “bad defending” or whatever. Really, though, that … Continue reading

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Mourning the U.S. Loss

I am glad to be objective again. Part of what has made soccer a mostly unsullied watching experience for me is that I don’t have a team. This does not mean that I never have rooting interests. I certainly do. … Continue reading

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