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A Poem for Today

Saw this on Andrew Sullivan’s blog . It’s a poem by Adam Zagajewski (translated from the Polish by Clare Cavanagh): Try to praise the mutilated world. Remember June’s long days, and wild strawberries, drops of wine, the dew. The nettles … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Richard Dawkins’ Recent Comments About Down Syndrome and Abortion

Richard Dawkins caused a minor stir on the internet the other day when he articulated a position consistent with contemporary secularism. A woman on Twitter wrote that she would have an “ethical dilemma” if she found out she was carrying … Continue reading

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Coherence: Brief Review

Coherence is a recent movie that did not get much press in the States (I don’t remember hearing anything about it until today), but it is one of the most interesting and suspenseful films I’ve seen in some time. The … Continue reading

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Which? What? What now? Trying to Make Sense of the Michael Brown Case

As many in this country try to comprehend and process the shooting of Michael Brown last week, a lot of information has come out very quickly. Some of it is true, some of it is not. Some if it is … Continue reading

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An Unknowable Chasm: A Few Thoughts on Depression

Hours ago, police confirmed that Robin Williams’ death, at 63, was indeed a suicide. It is another dark reminder of how invisible depression can seem to the naked eye. Williams had plenty of demons, and he was never secretive about … Continue reading

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Drugs Can Make You Omnipotent: A Review of Lucy

Spoiler Alert: It is my intention to convince anybody reading this blog that seeing the movie Lucy is a bad idea. To this end, I will not refrain at any point from exposing major plot points. Last night, as I … Continue reading

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Your Post-World Cup Reading List

The glow of the World Cup is fading now. New soccer fans must brave the dead of summer. MLS is fine, and if you’re lucky enough to live in a major city (or Ann Arbor), then you may have an … Continue reading

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